Welcome to the home of DJ Sky King!


During the mid-80s, she was the resident DJ at Premier NYC dance club, the Red Parrot, spinning for over 1,000 people a night, while producing and remixing dance records in her off hours. Sky was also in demand as a guest DJ and did spots not only in top venues around New York and the rest of the US, but internationally all over Europe and Japan.

When Sky seemingly dropped out of sight in the '90s, she actually just switched gears for a while. As a composer lyricist, Sky wrote literally hundreds of songs, mostly for kid's TV networks like Nickelodeon. This included a long stint at the legendary "Sesame Street", where she garnered 7 Emmy nominations and a Grammy win for her work.

BUT - Once a DJ, Always a DJ. Sky has come full circle and is spinning again and loving it. The technology may have changed, but DJ Sky is still slaying audiences wherever she goes.

So... for those of you who were around "back in the day," DJ Sky is back, y'all! And if you're just getting to know her, keep your ears open for the return of a real New York original - DJ Sky King! That's wassup!!