A native New Yorker, Sky got a much-coveted record player for her 7th birthday. From that moment on, her life had a soundtrack. By age 12, she started to play guitar and formed her first band. At first, the quartet was mostly good and loud. But with almost daily practice, they eventually became just plain good and landed the highly sought after job of being one of only two bands that played each summer for the NYC Parks Dept. They were given a truck and a schedule. Five days a week, her band played a different place each day - parks, block parties and iconic locales like the Central Park Bandshell and the World Trade Center Plaza. Sky's band was unprecedented in keeping that gig for the next four summers.

During college, the full-time student continued playing in area bands while jamming with Kool & the Gang, Tower of Power, Carlos Santana and others. Sky also hosted a weekly radio show on her college's popular FM station. She even managed to graduate despite too little sleep.

After college, Sky returned to NYC where she honed her skills as a DJ and within a few years was doing guest spots at Studio 54, the Garage, Roxy and other top NY nightclubs. Sky became the in-house DJ at NYC's Red Parrot, spinning for 1200+ enthusiastic dancers every Friday & Saturday night. This led
to invitations to DJ in Europe and Japan.

By day, Sky learned about production working at a recording studio and worked her way thru the ranks from editor to remixer to producer. She did 12" dance records for artists like Rob Base, Will Downing, Kid 'n' Play and the Temptations to name a few.

When her daughter, Krista, was born, DJ Sky switched over to her alter-ego as composer/lyricist Sky - work that kept her home nights and enabled her to be a mom. She spent the next decade writing for kid’s TV shows like Ghostwriter and Gullah Gullah Island. During her tenure at Sesame Street, Sky wrote dozens of songs and garnered 7 Emmy nominations and a Grammy win.

When her daughter entered college, Sky decided to go back to DJing as the technology was evolving to digital. Whether it's a laptop and MIDI controllers or old school turntables and a mixer, Sky is in control. Sky now uses her trusty MacBook with MIDI controllers to spin.

DJ Sky is currently doing private events and guest spots around town. She is one of the select DJs who spins for the skaters in Central Park. Sky is proud to have been chosen to DJ for the inaugural NYC Unicycle Fest, an annual three day event that happens every Labor Day weekend and is now entering its 8th year.

Sky has very eclectic tastes and is well-versed in myriad genres including dance classics, house, funk, R&B, hip hop, classic rock, jazz, pop, worldbeat and more. What sets her apart from many DJs, aside from her decades of experience, is that she custom tailors her playlist for each individual event. Whether it's music from the 1940s or last week, Sky will keep your party poppin'!